We can service all your Toronto asphalt maintenance and parking lot needs. Our Mississauga asphalt repair services include paving, patching, and sealing. Of course, after the winters we have had in the last two years, fixing potholes is another part of our Mississauga asphalt maintenance package. You can choose your services at your convenience with no limitations. Just tell us what you want to do this year and we can work with your paving budget.

You know that the condition of your asphalt can be a safety matter for your vehicles and it’s suspension. Also you could imagine if someone were to trip and fall! This can create a bad impression on the success of your business if your building parking lot is not well maintained. Speak to your landlord or call us directly business to business. Let us keep your asphalt in pristine condition so that your parking lot or driveway is just one more way you put your best foot forward.

All of our work comes with a written warranty and commences with a legally binding contract. We look first at the type of traffic your home or business is going to be used for and we can advise you with professional experience on the proper thickness of your asphalt repair. Commercial parking lots for customers we have provided services to have had other companies give them barely any asphalt at all! We come in and provide heavy duty traffic four to six inches of high stability asphalt which will handle commercial fully loaded trucks! Even some home owners we have found were left with less than one inch of asphalt after calling one of our competitors. Don’t let this happen to you! We provide residential homes two to three inches of hot asphalt put down and compacted in two seperate layers. Choose Gta Dispatch Services today and we can show you how to bring the value back to your home or business with long lasting results, guaranteed!

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